Bethany Taylor Beauty

Bethany Taylor is within the Hair company in Hedon.

My prices are structured to make this affordable to all.
So why not treat yourself to a new look

Please call me if you require any further information
07852 366341            
I am a senior lash technician and use Mink lash extensions to create the look you want, whether it be to thicken thin lashes or darken blonde lashes or create a more dramatic look.

Mink eyelash extensions are unlike normal false lashes they can last for months as they are attached individually to your own lashes and shed as your normal lashes shed. Regular maintenance (infill sessions) will make your lashes last indefinitely and are normally needed every 2 to 3 weeks.

Once you have had your Mink lashes there is no need for mascara and you have a permanent and beautiful result which can change your whole look and make you feel amazing.

I also offer express lashes which last for about 2 weeks and are not attached to individual lashes but create a fantastic look for special events.


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